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  • Basic Accounting Knowledge

    Basic Accounting Knowledge

    Accounting is a business function and a system that deals with measurement of financial success and financial position of a company. For any individual who has a plan for a start-up or who is pursuing a managerial position, accounting is one of the most essential aspect of a business if you want to be able to grow your business in a way that can be measured and predicted. Having a system of tracking your business' assets, liabilities, and income allows us to make smart, informed business decisions based on the past performance and present financial health of your company. A background in accountancy provides a valuable groundwork for developing broader monetary theories.
    Financial records in an accounting system reflect the results of operations as well as the financial position of a business or corporation. In other words, they help you understand what’s going on with your business financially. Not only will clean and up to date records help you keep track of expenses, gross margin, and possible debt, but it will help you compare your current data with the previous accounting records and allocate your budget appropriately. Also, a proper accounting systems and processes will help you ensure statutory compliance when it comes to your business.


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    Basic Accounting Knowledge



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    In this lesson, you will learn basic of accounting, financial statement statements, basic principles 

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    1)Introduction and syllabus
    2) Definition and types of accounting
    3) Accounting equation and balance sheet
    4) Income statement
    5) Analyzing inside the business