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  • Job Search on Linkedin

    Job Search on LinkedIn

    As the technological age is evolving and people are becoming more connected to each other on internet, searching for jobs also changed. Instead of the traditional way of applying for jobs now we can simply do it from our own comfort zones. This course will teach you the exact steps that you are supposed to take in order to find jobs that you like or you are interested in on a platform that has around 575 million users which is called LinkedIn.


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    Job Search on LinkedIn



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    Turkish, Spanish, Bask, Greek, Dutch, Italian

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    Technological Illiterate

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    Course Coordinator



    Shaheen Eied Al Kadri



    In this lesson, you will learn how to sign up, develop your online profile, connect with people and apply for a job.

    Course Content

    1.How to sign up to social media platforms.
    2. Importance of taking online courses and developing your skills.
    3.How to develop your social media profile.
    4.How to connect with people and look for job opportunities.
    5. How to take advantage of social media websites to apply for a job and get a job.