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  • Negotiation Techniques

    Negotiation Techniques

    Any successful business requires some negotiation skills so individuals perusing a successful career need a solid set of negotiating skills. Even though most people might believe that they have the skills for negotiation, the simple fact is that most of us don’t possess these skills naturally.
    Negotiation skills refers to the ability to bring about agreement on a decision through discussion, to achieve win-win situation. Such that the skills of persuasion as a negotiation manager is to influence a
    positive outcome. Therefore, in order to negotiate effectively it is required to communicate effectively and listen to the other parties' objectives as well.
    Depending on the need of circumstances, different negotiation techniques could be adopted. A distributive negotiation every negotiator focuses on personal interests, regardless of the loss the others may have to face while integrative negotiation focuses on mutual interests of all the parties and thus, comes up with constructive solutions that will be beneficial for all.


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    In this lesson, the definition of negotiation will be made following it the different negotiation techniques will be discussed.

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    Definition of Negotiation

    Features and Reasons for Negotiation

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    Deal-Relationship Cycles

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