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  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Nowadays, the number of people who develop a website for their initiatives and makes money this way has been increasing. by establishing a website on the internet and earning money in this way is continuing. A great support for these entrepreneurial website owners in enhancing their success comes from Google Analytics, which is offered to the world for free by Google and has an excellent site performance analysis technology. Google Analytics helps you have detailed information about your website visitors with the tools it contains.
    Being able to evaluate the results of all the work you have done for the website free of charge is the greatest advantage offered by the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics provides you information regarding that whether your site keywords, ads, branding and SEO works are working, the conversion rates of your site visitors to the customer.


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    Google Analytics 



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    Turkish, Spanish, Bask, Greek, Dutch, Italian

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    Technological Literate

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    Yasin KÜTÜK



    In this lecture, Google Analytics Platform and its utilization in business aims will be introduced and will be explained in detail.

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    1) Welcome to the Course
    2) Inside of Google Analytics Platform
    3) Interface of the Platform
    4) Introduction of Reporting System
     5) Campaining Tools