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  • Writing Professional Reports

    Writing Professional Reports

    Reports are form of an official document that are formally structured. Writing a report concisely and clearly takes time as it requires to work out exactly what the audience needs to know to make a decision. Depending on the topic of the report it may take different forms as the expectations may vary so there is no set formula for writing a report - every report is different. Each one depends on what the purpose is, who you are writing for and the kind of research that you are reporting.
    The keys to writing good reports start with understanding the need of audience and purpose of the report. As the report will be serving kind of a communication tool it should be organized properly. Hence any one who may need to write a report should plan, design the content and write a structured report, ensuring that only suitable content is included, and that the argument provided is logical and provides suitable calls to action.


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    Writing Professional Reports



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    In this lesson, you will learn professional report writing. The organization of a report, the major component parts and style will be discussed

    Course Content

    1) Types of reports
    2) Preparation- Objective/Reader
    3) Report Parts/Structures
    4) Language Used
     5) Style