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  • Funding of Startups

    Funding of Startups

    Finding funding is one of the biggest challenges that a new company is facing and unfortunately one of the most common reasons why smart and ambitious ideas don't work. However, there is also the bright side, which is none other than the constant appearance of new and more affordable ways of financing at the disposal of the young entrepreneur. Through this course, you are going to learn different potential sources of funding your startup cause there's a lot of money on the table out there. It's important for each founder to determine which type of funding is best for their goals for their company. Before proceeding to a decision, take a closer look at each type of startup capital.


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     Funding of startups



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    Turkish, Spanish, Bask, Greek, Dutch, Italian

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    Advanced technology users

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    Maria Dalakoura



    Through this lecture, we will examine ways of funding an enterprise/startup. Within the course, you will explore platforms that you may use in order to fund your enterprise/startup

    Course Content

    1. Funding of Startups.
    2. Starting a new enterprise.
    3. Startups fundraising.
     4, Examples of successful crowdfunding platforms.