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  • The Business Model

    The Business Model

    The elaboration of a business model is to describe the goals of a business from the initial moment of its operation, to provide a forecast for its operation and to establish the frame of reference for the next years in order to control the deviations. The complexity of a business plan depends largely on the size and object of the business. In general, this is a specific standardized process, as long as one knows the structure that needs to follow. Through this course, you will get more familiar with the concept and the steps of a business model.

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    The Business Model
    Prerequisites No
    Language of Instruction English
    Language of Subtitles Turkish, Spanish, Bask, Greek, Dutch, Italian
    Who this course is for: Advanced technology users
    Course Type Optional
    Course Coordinator IED
    Instructor Maria Dalakoura
    Description In this lesson,you will learn what is a business model & how you can create one
    Course Content 1. Creating your Business model.
    2. Business model concept.
    3. Business model canvas.
    4. How to prepare your business plan.
    5. Importance of a business plan.
    6. Structure of a business plan.
    7. Contents of a business plan.
    8. Useful tips while creating your business plan.