IO2 - Training Module for Technological illiterates and MOOC Design;

It is expected for the NEETs who will be involved in this training module to increase the level of technological and internal literacy. The improvement in the skills to intermediate level will lead to promote their employability and social skills and reactivation process of them. The most noticeable impact of the planned operation, put it differently the outcome of the training module, on the first group is to decrease the level of social exclusion of the young individuals.

After completing the training programme, these individuals will be capable of using e-mail and social networking websites. Therewith, the participants will also be able to access to useful online information such as public transportation schedules and routes, the public health care system, on these websites. They also will be managed to learn which documents are required to apply for utilities and public services. With this training programme, the planned operation will significantly assist the most disadvantaged young individuals to decrease the social exclusion of them by reactivating and retraining. Thus, the knowledge of being a citizenship and the requirements of them will expand and at the end this would also help to reactive themselves.

These young individuals will share their new skills with their family members as well as their friends and neighbors. They will become role-models for other socially-excluded and inactive young individuals. The participants in this module will be able to demand services from public bodies more effectively, which will in turn increase the quality of public services in their disadvantaged neighborhoods. As they will feel more empowered and capable of doing something, they will rely less on their more active relatives in every sphere of their lives.

Such psychological and behavioral changes may create a small positive impact on the equality in their households.