IO3 - Training module for technological literates and MOOC design

This type of NEETs is relatively capable of entrepreneurship rather than other groups. The part of this project may trigger their inner capability which has a huge impact on labor market to create new jobs.

After completion of the training module, the young individuals will be capable of creating and updating their resumes, and searching for job ads online and writing emails as well as making phone calls following professional etiquette to inquire about job applications. They will also be aware of their legal rights in the workplace. The planned programme will have a positive impact on the young individuals’ employability in the labor market. This leads to increase in the chances of acquiring and maintaining registered gainful and non-precarious employment. Moreover, after they acquire registered employment, they will be more powerful as they know their legal rights in the workplace. Therefore, they will improve their technological and internet literacy. In addition, they will also improve their oral and written communication skills and learn how to behave in job interviews. These competences will lead to promote their employability and their social skills.

Young individuals who complete the second training module will transfer their knowledge and skills to other family members and friends. At the workplace, they will share their knowledge of the legal rights with their co-workers.