IO4 - Training module for advanced technology users and MOOC Design

Advanced technology users are again the most probable group to be an entrepreneur in labor market. These types of users are a bit lack of e-business and b2b, so they will get especially how to turn their ideas to opportunity by using their knowledge.

They will be able to create original content on the internet and engage in e-business on websites that are designed to bring together home-based sellers and customers. This module will provide the basic know-how for young individuals who have the desire and ability to start their own business. The immediate impact of this module will be to offer such young individuals an option to be an entrepreneurship. They can stay at home, but also work and earn money by using the advantages the internet provides. This will allow the skilled inactive, NEET females to be financially independent, even if they are not able to work outside home. Financial contribution to the household income will empower them and increase gender equality in their families. Young individuals who create original content on the internet will acquire business expertise and specific skill sets. They will be able to use such expertise in finding employment, if they decide to work outside home. In other words, after this module, they will know the basics of e-business and entrepreneurship which lead to promote employability.