IO6 - A comprehensive guidebook of PERSON

There are not many programs for NEETS to promote their employability, retraining and social skills without a payment. Although there are few of them, they are more likely to be paid ones. They are less likely to be online. In case they are online, they do not have friendly guidebooks for the users.

Therefore, having a comprehensive guide book for MOOC system will be one of the elements of innovation in this project. Another element of innovation can be stated as having an international data sharing platform for these different countries on NEETS which can be useful for researchers and policy makers.

Through the comprehensive guidebook, candidate NEETs will learn the usefulness of PERSON. This source will be open sourced, with no cost, and be redistributable. These will be the assets that can be transferable and inheritable for the use of new generations MOOC system. Technically, it makes it easy retraining, during or after the school, of an individual who wants to enter labor market by promoting employability or who wants to create his/her own business by increasing the probability of being entrepreneur.