• Drawing to Health Netherlands, August 2020

    On the 20th of August 2020, in the entrepeneurial centre of CeeCeeSpot Enschede (https://www.theceespot.nl/) the national conference for PERSON project took place. The project was attended by youth workers, local entrepeneurs and local politicians. Drawing to Health shared the results of the project and the participants gave feedback on the outcomes of the project. You may find the agenda of the conference here.


    On the 27th of February 2020, in the venue of the Lido Organisation (Larissa, Greece), took place the national conference of the PERSON project. The Conference, had the aim to inform the attendants regarding the project’s main objectives, activities and results. You may find the agenda of the national conference here here


  • MEDIA CREATIVA, Bilbao, November 2019 & May 2020:

    Two multiplier events were held (in November 2019 and May 2020) with representatives from NGOs, public authorities, youth trainers, youth workers and business related stakeholders. We decided to conduct two events in order to delve into the multiplier effect.In the first one, general information about the project and its activities was given, while in the second one our products’ dissemination was aimed as well as attracting participants for testing, because of the attendance of several NEET's trainers. You can find the here.

  • TDM 2000 INTERNATIONAL,Cagliari, July 2020

    On the 25th of July 2020 we realized the National Conference of our project “PERSON”, aimed at improving the employability of NEETs. During the half day event we presented the project and its results to national stakeholders, the event was planned in order to provide to the participants:

    • General information about the project
    • Hands-on sessions to work with main project results
    • Exploitation workshops about further implementation in Italy
    • Networking session about exchange on practices and future cooperation
    • You can find the report of the conference here.