• State of the art and panacea for NEETs

    The aim of the state of the art and panacea for NEETs, is to cover a comprehensive literature review about NEETs, in which the factors that promotes the probability of transition to labor market from the participated countries in the project will be explored. Having an international literature review on NEETs and datasets (including HLFS, detailed surveys and focus groups meetings) from each country will lead to understand the problems and needs about NEETs in detail. Comparisons among these young individuals for academicians and government policy makers will be included.

  • Training Material

    Within the framework of the project, 3 levels of training courses have been developed:

    1.Training Module for Technological illiterates

    It is expected for the NEETs who will be involved in this training module to increase the level of technological and internal literacy. The improvement in the skills to intermediate level will lead to promote their employability and social skills and reactivation process of them. The most noticeable impact of the planned operation, put it differently the outcome of the training module, on the first group is to decrease the level of social exclusion of the young individuals.

  • Training Material

    2.Training module for technological literates

    This type of NEETs is relatively capable of entrepreneurship rather than other groups. The part of this project may trigger their inner capability which has a huge impact on labor market to create new jobs. After completion of the training module, the young individuals will be capable of creating and updating their resumes, and searching for job ads online and writing emails as well as making phone calls following professional etiquette to inquire about job applications. They will also be aware of their legal rights in the workplace.

  • Training Material

    3.Training module for advanced technology users

    Advanced technology users are again the most probable group to be an entrepreneur in labor market. These types of users are a bit lack of e-business and b2b, so they will get especially how to turn their ideas to opportunity by using their knowledge.

    They will be able to create original content on the internet and engage in e-business on websites that are designed to bring together home-based sellers and customers. This module will provide the basic know-how for young individuals who have the desire and ability to start their own business. The immediate impact of this module will be to offer such young individuals an option to be an entrepreneurship. They can stay at home, but also work and earn money by using the advantages the internet provides.

  • Guidebook

    Through the comprehensive guidebook, candidate NEETs will learn the usefulness of PERSON. Through the comprehensive guidebook, candidate NEETs will learn the usefulness of PERSON. Access the guidebook, from here