A training activtiy of trainers, took place in Istanbul, during March 2020. The training of trainers has been organised by Altinbas University. The trainig activity had a duration of 5 days. The aim of the training activity was to test the content of the training courses and the MOOC platform. Participants, took a training on the following items: 1. Awareness: Trainers understood the needs and problems of NEETS and inactives in the labor market and their social lives. 2. Methodology and Technics: trainers learned the technics and management strategies utilized for promoting employability, retraining and the social skills of NEETs/inactives and also learned pedagogical approach to the young individuals. Besides, trainers have been trained on mentoring young individuals in their transition from inactivity to work life. At last, they learned how to use MOOC system, as well. You may find the agenda of the training here.

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